Germantown: Fruit Stand Serves for Decades

Audrey Teachey picks up some fresh snacks from Jim's Fruit Stand.

Jim Strate started selling fruit at Jim’s Fruit Stand in Germantown when he was 19 years old. Now, he’s 55.

Strate bought the fruit stand along Germantown Avenue in 1975 and he’s been running the colorful cart ever since.

Audrey Teachey picks up some fresh snacks from Jim's Fruit Stand.

“I used to work with the guy who ran it,” Strate said. “I bought it because of its good location.”

Strate said his stand offers the freshest produce with a lot of variety. The stand has dozens of different types of bright and attractive fruit and vegetables. Some customers buy their entire inventory of fruit and veggies from Strate, while others simply stop by for a healthy snack.

Audrey Teachey stops by the stand as much as possible on her way to work.

Strate talks with a customer.

“I’m always here,” Teachey said. “It’s reasonable and it’s always fresh.”

Teachey, with her children in hand, picked up a couple pieces of fruit and headed off to work on North Broad Street.

Strate said the stand has been around for so long because it serves the community, especially the elderly who can’t make it to the distant grocery stores.

“I do get a lot of elderly, it’s easy for them,” Strate said.

The stand is open during regular business hours on weekdays and weekends, weather permitting.

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