Powelton Village: A Small Family Business

Jimenez stands by the refrigerator aisles.

City Food Market is a local convenience store, located at 4000 Baring St., in Powelton Village. Jonathan Jimenez, 24, has been an assistant worker here for four and one-half years.

Much of his job involves cooking, but he also is kept busy stocking such items as chips and sodas, which he sorts by flavor when they are delivered.


The market plays a crucial role in providing food and household items to surrounding neighbors and those who happened to be passing by at random. The store has a deli section at the back, which sells hoagies, cheesesteaks, sandwiches and other items.

Jimenez said he and his family moved down into this area from New York when he was 10.

There was an area where the customers could order take-out food and beverages.

The first thing they noticed was how much cheaper the cost of living is here.

Making the business thrive is his primary focus now. Over the years, he has been working with his cousins, one of whom is the owner. By renovating and creating a new kitchen at the back and bringing in such items as wires, scissors, candles and other utensils displayed on wall racks, the business has been greatly enlarged.




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