Powelton Village: Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast

Dennis Bartelme has been running Cornerstone with his family for just over two years.

Dennis Bartelme has been running Cornerstone with his family for just over two years.

Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast, located at 33rd and Baring atreets, is a cozy, family-owned inn. Dennis Bartelme runs the facility with his wife, daughter and son-in-law.

Jules Spaeth, Bartelme’s daughter, always wanted to own a bed and breakfast. In 2008, shortly after her parents’ retirement, she was riding her bike to the University of Pennsylvania and noticed that the inn was for sale. The family bought it and since then Dennis and his son-in-law Chris have been running the facility full-time. Jules and her mother Liz pitch in when they aren’t working their full-time jobs.

“My daughter was always interested in the bed and breakfast concept,” said Bartelme. “She had a plan that upon our retirement, she would purchase one.”

Since becoming the owners of Cornerstone, the family has refurbished much of the old 19th century mansion. 

The family redecorated the inn to achieve a Victorian look.

They kept the majority of the furniture from the previous owners but redecorated most rooms to create a Victorian look.

As for running the business, Bartelme said his favorite part is getting to know the guests by having conversations with them over breakfast and in the evenings.

“We get people from all walks of life,” he said. “We get business travelers and tourists, so I sometimes get international perspectives on a lot of things.”


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  1. Just enjoyed 3 nights at the Cornerstone. Met all owners during that time: visitors to the Barnes and a couple visiting from Worceste, )England. Eclectic neighborhood. Splendid detached private bath. More than adequate weekday continental breakfast. Needed own blanket in front 2nd story room in mid-October and a disabled floodlight. Enjoyed our stay anyway.

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