Broad Street: Salvation Army Reaches Out to Japan

The Salvation Army Headquarters is located on the corner of Broad Street and Fairmont Avenue.
The Salvation Army Headquarters is located on the corner of Broad Street and Fairmont Avenue.

In the wake the recent devastation in Japan, one local organization is helping to make a difference to those most affected by the tsunami.

The Salvation Army Headquarters, located at 701 North Broad St., is offering a special donation fund called Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Relief.  The proceeds of those who contribute will go straight to those in  Sendai and Yabuki-cho, Japan.

Disaster Services Director for the Salvation Army Headquarters Robert Myers said, “As of right now, we just want to send over monetary assistance due to the high cost  of shipping and the expiration of food goods. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go straight to Japan, so no one has to worry if we will

Robert Myers stands by a sculpture of Salvation Army founder William Booth.

pocket any of the money. We don’t take anything, we just want to help.”

Sendai and Yabuki-cho are both located in an area right outside the embattled nuclear power plant and have not yet received governmental assistance. The Salvation Army located in Tokyo was not affected and is also helping to aid the victims of the tsunami by providing blankets, food and shelter.

“Our Salvation Army locations in Japan are also helping our efforts here in Philadelphia by using the money we send to buy things such as food and clothing,” Myers said.

Since the fundraiser started, the headquarters on Broad Street and other Salvation Armies collectively across the United States have raised close to $4 million.

“Really our goal with helping in this and any other relief effort is to get the people back to a sense of normalcy. We want to bring the individuals back to some level of comfort,” Myers said.  ” We know we could never get things back to the way they were but we at least can can provide some sort of support. ”

West Philadelphia native, Mone’t Tucker was not able to physically go to Japan and help with the relief efforts but said she believes that the donation fund is a good way to still make a difference.

” I just feel really awful about what happened and I think this gives me a way to help those who are in need,”  Tucker said.   “It’s as simple as a text message to help those who have been through so much.”

To make a donation, donors can visit the Salvation Army website at for a list of possible ways to make a contribution.


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