Northwest: 8th District City Council Candidate Howard Treatman

Candidate Treatman sits down for an interview.]

Howard Treatman is an independent man–a characteristic the candidate for the 8th City Council District election wants all voters to remember when they go to the polls in May.

Candidate Howard Treatman grabs a cup of coffee at Infusion Cafe.

Although this is his first foray into politics, the former president of the historical and influential Germantown Jewish Center and current board member of Mt. Airy USA and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia has been involved in the community for many years.

Howard Treatman meets with Andrew Loftman at "Eyes on the Eighth"

Treatman was instrumental in helping revitalize the Germantown corridor, a major concern for many voters.  “My position with Mt. Airy USA is directly focused on repopulating empty store fronts and derelict shopping centers,” Treatman said.  “It is about building a community and putting it on sound financial footing. It’s basically what we need to do here in Philadelphia as well.”

After 15 years under the leadership of Donna Reed Miller on the city council, Mt. Airy residents are angry and dissatisfied with the way the district has been represented.  “A lot of this frustration comes from the people dealing with the city itself. These people need an ally. It’s all about seeing yourself as their servant. I think that’s

a different vision than what we’ve had.”


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