Ridge Avenue: Volunteer Building Knowledge Through 8th District Campaign

Jared Blairwiley walked door to door with Cindy Bass as she promoted her campaign.
Jared Blairwiley walked door to door with Cindy Bass as she promoted her campaign.

With just over one month before Philadelphia’s May 17 primary election, campaigns around the city are hitting the streets promoting their cause.

Jared Blairwiley, 22, started working in Philadelphia politics in 2007 when he was a volunteer for the Chaka Fattah for Mayor Campaign. This year he decided to work for the Cindy Bass campaign as a full-time volunteer.

Blairwiley’s job on the campaign is to go door to door throughout the neighborhoods of the 8th District promoting Cindy Bass and her ideas for improvement.

Jared Blairwiley passed out posters with Cindy Bass for her campaign in Germantown.

“The biggest challenge this year is to try and get everything that the people want at one time,” Blairwiley explained, “They demand a lot from a lot of people and expect everybody to do everything in a certain amount of time.”

As Blairwiley continues to build experience he hopes that what he learns along the way can translate into a career in politics.

“I am planning on going into politics after I graduate from law school,” Blairwiley said.

Jared Blairwiley spoke about what it was like working on the Cindy Bass Campaign.

Blairwiley said he knows his job is going to be very challenging, but he thinks  as long as the campaign reaches out to the citizens in the 8th District, the Cindy Bass Campaign can be successful.

“If you know what is going on in your community you can help out your community to make it better,” Blairwiley said.

For more information on her campaign or policies, visit www.cindybass.com.

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