Fairhill: Life and Religion Meet at ‘Crossroads’

Basketball is a way to relieve everyday stress.


Beyond the liter rolling along the sidewalk and the debris that fills Sixth and Cambria streets is a place where everyone is welcome.

The two-sided building looks like it is two row homes in the center of a city block, but it’s more than just that. Crossroads is a community center and Christian outreach program for anyone who lives in the Fairhill area.

Basketball is a way to relieve everyday stress.

Juan Marrero grew up at Crossroads and is now the executive director. He really inspires children throughout the area to strive for their dreams. “The way Juan speaks to us about God and about life makes me want to go to college and do something greater when I gradate high school,” said David Rivera, a longtime participant

Marrero teaches the children that life beyond crime, violence and drugs has endless opportunities. The organization is open seven days week at different designated times.

Although the Bible study is very important to the children, teens and adults, the programs offered are very respected. Wood shop, sewing, cooking and nutrition are some of the programs.




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