Germantown: Candidate Paulmier’s Stance on Education

8th District candidate Greg Paulmier was present at last Monday's PFT rally. He spoke with a PFT executive board member, Wilma Henderson.
Eighth District candidate Greg Paulmier was present at last week's rally against education cuts. He spoke with Wilma Henderson, an executive board member of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.

Campaigning with Greg Paulmier is about getting involved with community events, advocating for those who need it and trying to be in three places at once.

On this day last week Greg Paulmier joined other politicians, union members and activists at a rally on the campus of Temple University to discuss Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed budget cuts to education.

The rally was planned for the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., who was working in support of union members on the day he was assassinated.

With three children in the Philadelphia public school system, Paulmier said  he has faith in the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.

Major pension cuts are in Corbett’s planned budget, and that is a pivotal focus on the issue of education. “The teachers’ pensions are an important part of our community’s economic security–teachers’ wisdom to provide for their lives in retirement strengthens the whole community,” Paulmier said.

Corbett’s new plan has a cut of about $1 billion in education for the state, which is the largest cut among the public sector. Overall, the state is facing a $4.2 billion gap between spending and revenues.

Paulmier, who is running for the 8th District Council seat, said he believes better facilities, more art and science teachers, more guidance counselors and more libraries are the keys to better success in the school district. The school district has seen these factors stripped away over the past decades and will see more with the looming budget cuts.

He said he also believes that the class sizes are too large in the public schools and that reducing them would increase safety. After-school programs are an essential part in keeping children safe as well. “We can connect the opportunities in the community, recreation centers, libraries and after school programs to give our children positive outlets for their energies for a full day,” Paulmier said.

On the day of the rally, Paulmier attended a funeral for the mother of a 12th Ward committeeperson. Paulmier was the 12th Ward leader for 16 years and still remains very connected to it.


The crowd chanted on Broad Street just north of Cecil B. Moore Avenue outside of the Liacouras Center.

Paulmier is one of seven candidates seeking to win the primary on May 17.

If you would like to meet Paulmier to discuss campaign issues, he will be at two public events over the next week.

On Thursday, April 14 Paulmier will be at a “Meet the Candidate Night” at Roller’s Restaurant at Flying Fish, located on 8142 Germantown Ave. in Chestnut Hill. That will be hosted by the Chestnut Hill Residence Association, which recently endorsed Paulmier.

On Saturday, April 16, Paulmier will be at the McDonalds located on 200 W. Lehigh Ave. from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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