Queen Village: Keeping Health a High Priority

The shelves in Essene are lined with fantastically delicious and nutritious and delectable products.
The outside of the building is hard to miss, as its bright exterior and signage is quite noticeable.

Since its opening in 1969 Essene Market & Café, located at 719 S. Fourth St., has been providing the surrounding neighborhood with the some of the healthiest and most wholesome food around. Not only does Essene support organic and local farmers, it actually has the largest selection of organically grown produce and natural foods in the area.

The shelves in Essene are lined with nutritious products.

Started by Denny Waxman and Charles Smith, Essene was a dream-become-reality for the two individuals trying to build a market that encouraged healthy food consumption and healthy living. Their original focus was on pushing macrobiotics–a dietary regimen that encourages the consumption of grains as a main food staple–as well as to encourage a discourse from the consumption of refined and processed foods.

Aside from offering macrobiotic foods, Essene also offers classes and lectures on a monthly basis that have been implemented to guide interested parties in educating themselves on macrobiotics and the macrobiotic way of living.

Essene not only promotes macrobiotics but also, the consumption of locally and organically available produce and products. Although it has changed location over the years, not much has changed otherwise in terms of what Essene Market and Café has been offering to its customers regarding some of the finest quality produce and health foods around.

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