Powelton Village: Emergency and Transitional Housing

Brooks, 23, currently lives at Gloria's Place.
Brooks, 23, currently lives at Gloria's Place.

Jenay Brooks, 23, has struggled with homelessness for several years. She currently resides at Gloria’s Place, a residential facility run by the People’s Emergency Center.

Located at 39th and Spring Garden streets, Gloria’s Place houses people and families who have found themselves without a home. It is used for both emergency and transitional housing within the People’s Emergency Center. The facility is mostly used to stabilize families and address their issues. The average time spent at the facility is 75 days.

Brooks, a mother of three, said that her homelessness became a real problem around the time she was pregnant with her third child, who is now nine months old.

“I did a lot of bouncing around from house to house,” she said, noting that she finally sought help from the People’s Emergency Center after her grandmother said she could no longer stay with her.

For now, the People’s Emergency Center is providing her with a place to stay until she gets back on her feet, but Brooks said that she doesn’t plan to stay there long. With the money she’s saved, she hopes to get an apartment, find a job in dental assisting and go back to school. Her goals, she said, are not to be rich, but just to be happy and to get by.

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