Walnut Hill: Creativity Prospers At Park Pleasant Nursing Home

While the residents of Park Pleasant Nursing Home may not consider themselves artists, the unique and spirited atmosphere of Park Pleasant suggests otherwise. Located at 4712 Chester Ave., the nursing home rehabilitation center is decorated with unique art from start to finish.

The first mural graciously welcomes visitors to Park Pleasant.

Upon arriving at Park Pleasant, one is greeted by murals covering the building. the first of which shows two people walking in a woodsy outside setting along with the words “Welcome to Park Pleasant.”  The other walls are covered with various paintings dealing with nature, animals and even some life stories of the residents who, along with staff, members of the community and family members, have painted these murals over the years.

By partnering up with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program in a a project called “A Window of Stories,”  students from the University of Pennsylvania worked with residents to develop images brought forth during several community meetings that would share their favorite memories and stories. Residents were given the chance to express themselves, their interests and their life stories through the art on the walls of their home away from home.

Nature and animals are themes of many of the murals at Park Pleasant.

But the artistic expression didn’t end with just one project done on the outside of the building. The creativity continues upon walking through the nursing home’s doors as well. Across the walls are paintings, self-portraits, and other art produced by the residents themselves.

And with activities offered in anything from painting to cooking to drums, Park Pleasant residents are encouraged to keep expressing themselves and in doing so, making this unique nursing home a more lively and cheerful place to be than it already is.

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