Fishtown: Records and a Cup of Joe at Milkcrate Cafe

Manager Mike Justin shows a record while enjoying a coffee.

Manager Mike Justin shows a record while enjoying a coffee.

Over the past few years, Fishtown has transformed into one of the more artsy areas of Philadelphia. As the neighborhood saw some changes, Milkcrate Cafe found a fresh way to serve coffee and music to everyone, from Fishtown natives to the new artsy residents. Located at Girard and Columbia avenues, the coffee shop was opened in October of 2009 by Adam Porter, the former owner of Cue record store.

The cafe’s vibrant exterior is enough to catch the eye and bring in curious customers. The Milkcrate Cafe has maintained a steady volume of business during the week and bustles with customers on the weekends – especially during the breakfast and brunch hours. The menu includes everything from coffee to eggs to bagels, while many of their customers stop in for the scrumptious breakfast sandwiches. “Hands down, the Bagella Fitzgerald is our most popular,” said Mike Justin, the Milkcrate’s manager.

Not only does the cafe provide good coffee and eats to their customers, but it is also attractive to record collectors  near and far. The store has a large record display along its wall ,which expands into the basement, where records can be bought for just $5 and under. Justin explained, “Adam always says that records and coffee are the original social networking method. Its a way of bringing it back to how they used to do it back in the day.”


Customers enjoy their coffee and peruse the record collection.








The Milkcrate Cafe is located at Girard and Columbia avenues.

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  1. It’s amazing how shifts occur in cities. Once a bad area, then becomes an artsy area and before you know it you are in a yuppie area.

    I’ll be sure to stop in the Milkcrate cafe. It looks pretty cool.

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