Ludlow: Soup For You!

"Doc" serves up some of his tasty soups.

You’ve heard of salad bars, coffee bars and sushi bars but have you ever heard of a soup bar? Darrell ‘Doc’ O’Connor has made this unique idea one of the most popular new food spots on Girard Avenue.

Doc serves up some of his tasty soups.

The Soup Bar may be easy to pass by as you walk down the sidewalk toward Second Street. It is just a tiny shop nestled between a tattoo parlor and nail salon, but it is what’s found inside that is worth noticing As soon as you walk in the door you’re greeted cheerfully from the owner himself followed by a free sample of any soup you like. It’s probably not something you’d see at your regular Starbucks.

Doc opened his soup bar about four months ago and he says it has been busy ever since.

“Soup is one of the most universal foods you can eat,” he adds.

Customers look at what soups Doc is serving up for the day.

The soup bar lives up to this message. With over 100 varieties of soup on the menu, there is a flavor for just about everyone.

“We’ll have soup that will be gone before 11 a.m. with lines going out the door.”

After a recent visit by the infamous “Soup Nazi” from television’s “Seinfeld” the lines have only gotten longer. The Soup Bar is warming up the neighborhood with new business and new faces. Grab it while it’s hot!

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