North Central: Project H.O.M.E. Uses Technology to Educate

One student is eager to show her classmate her latest project.

One mother dropped off her daughter at the after-school program.

Comcast  is one of the country’s most prominent entertainment and communications companies. Comcast decided to share its great success and give back to the community. Because of this, Comcast helped to make one organization’s dream a reality. Comcast played a part in funding a modernized Internet education facility for Project H.O.M.E. in North Central. This endeavor showcases Comcast’s mission: make the United States a broadband nation.

The Honickman Learning Center Comcast Technology Labs, located at 1936 N. Judson St., operates as the epicenter for technological and educational advancement for Project H.O.M.E. Project H.O.M.E. strives to eliminate poverty and homelessness, and guides individuals of the area to work to their full potential. Mary Randles, the director of the center, said the center supplies the necessary means to create solutions to these issues.

“The best way to end homelessness is to provide a quality education,” Randles explained. “We provide support academically and socially and provide a great technological resource for students and adults.”

One student is eager to show her classmate her latest project.

The center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technological tools including 255 computers, one projector and one SmartBoard in every room. The SmartBoards encourage student participation and create an interactive learning environment between the students and teachers. In addition, the building is outfitted with wireless network technology for optimal Internet access.

“It is about getting the proper education, being prepared for college and having the tools to provide for your family,” Randles said.

This facility offers more than just programs about computer literacy. The center provides courses in the arts, business, and even aids 11th and 12th grade students in finding internships that fit their career goals. Arts and music programs are presented to the students where they have the option to study several courses including video production, music journalism and digital photography. The center even grants students the opportunity to take a course in culinary arts.

The culinary arts instructor teaches the students the importance of washing raw meat before preparing a meal.

Adults are encouraged to use the center since this facility administers programs specifically for them. The center has an adult educational program that offers computer and technology literacy classes, GED classes, tutoring and career assistance services.

Renata Henderson, the center’s education enrichment specialist, said she believes this institution is exceptional and provides a service not offered anywhere else.

“It’s very rare to have programs like this within the city but especially within North Philadelphia,” Henderson said. “They get a first-hand flavor on what it is going to take to succeed.”

Randles said the center plans to produce more programs and services to continue strengthening and educating the community.

“We have had an impact but we want to have more of an impact,” Randles explained. “But we are certainly on our way.”


  1. I went to this center to brush up on my computer skills 5 years ago….and I’m going back again to brush up again. I love this place!!!

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