Mantua: Unemployed Man Has Car Wash for Extra Income

Carl Myles Jr. is one of the unemployed living in Philadelphia.
Carl Myles is one of the unemployed living in Philadelphia.

Carl Myles has a lot going against him when it comes to finding a job. He is an African American ex-convict who has been unemployed for two years. Although he doesn’t consider his car wash on 36th Street and Mantua Avenue a job, it helps him earn a little extra income and something else important.

“It’s not a job, business or entrepreneurship. It’s a campaign,” Myles said. “Having this car wash keeps me away from the possibility of going back to jail.” And that is the most important thing for a man with two babies at home.

“I have my own house and bills have to be paid. Welfare denied me for medical coverage. Why? I don’t know,” he said.

A car wash sign sits outside Myles house on 36th St.

He accepts cars, bicycles and scooters to name a few. “I guarantee you will love it and you will come back because I will put love into it.

Myles said he believes one of the biggest problems is people don’t want to work. “I know if somebody gave me a job I would get back to work.”

Until he finds a job, he will continue to brave the hot temperatures and earn any extra dollar he can.

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