Ludlow: Local Bakers Make Risqué Cakes that Spice Up the Neighborhood

Gloria and Jose Rodriquez say freshness is what makes their baked goods stand out.
Gloria and Jose Rodriquez say freshness is what makes their baked goods stand out.

Jose Toledo has owned and operated Lawrence Bakery Inc. at the corner of West Girard Avenue and Lawrence Street for more than 18 years. He and his wife Gloria took over from a previous owner who operated the bakery for four decades.

“There’s a reason why this place has been here for almost 70 years,” Jose said. “We’ve continued their tradition and created our own.”

The husband and wife team bakes a variety of sweet wares from scratch each day so that customers can have fresh deliciousness. Their specialties include flan, bread pudding, cheesecakes, cookies and sweet potato pie. They also bake all sorts of cakes, including everything from wedding cakes to exotic, sexually suggestive cakes.

“Exotic cakes are our No. 1 specialty,” Gloria said as she displayed photographs showing pictures of x-rated cakes created and designed at the bakery. Some of the cakes featured risqué photographs, others were shaped like sexual body parts.

“We get a lot of orders from bars,” Gloria said. “People like them for parties. They make people laugh.”

Another thing that separates Lawrence Bakery from other bakeries in area is the price.

Lawrence Bakery is located at the corner of West Girard. Avenue and Lawrence Street.

“We keep ourselves competitive with other bakeries,” Jose said. “Our prices start at around $19.”

The most expensive cakes cost about $500 and include intricate, multi-tiered wedding cakes. The Toledos said they guarantee the freshness and taste of their baked goods and customers can get their money back if they are not satisfied.

“We have never had anyone come back to us unsatisfied,” Gloria said. “People come to us, because they get value.”

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