Kensington: Where Can the Trash Go?

A Kensington man sits near a trash bag on the side of York Street.

Trash is an issue every community has to deal with. Whether it be where to put it, how to get rid of it or who is in charge of it, there is plenty of room for debate within the area.

A Kensington man sat near a trash bag on the side of York Street.

In Kensington trash is an issue for the community and residents. It litters the ground, gets into the water and streets and makes the area appear dirty. The residents of Kensington have shown their anger about having trash cans in front of their houses and getting fined for it.

Terrance Jackson, a resident of Kensington, said, “I would much rather see trash cans on the sidewalk than trash on the sidewalks.”

These trash can fines, that have been imposed on the Kensington area, are making the neighborhood dirtier because those who put out trash cans must pay a fine, while instead they can just get rid of the trash can. Without these trash cans more litter is disposed onto the streets.

Jackson said, “The fines keep the streets of Kensington dirty because people wouldn’t litter as much if trash cans were out.”

Tom Potts from the New Kensington Community Development Corp. said, “The cops only ticket areas in Kensington because they know that people will pay.”

Kensington’s trash problem seems to be far from solved. The area will have to sort out their trash by deciding if the cans are here to stay or if the streets are cheaper.


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