Brewerytown: Father’s Day Rally Committee Honors Positive Father Figures]]

Every year in June the Father’s Day Rally Committee holds its Fatherhood Awards Reception honoring outstanding father figures in Philadelphia. A founding focus of the FDRC is helping African-American males faced with social, economic, legal, educational and relationship challenges that deter them from being responsible and productive role models. The men honored annually by the FDRC are selected for their presence as role models.

Two of those awardees are Larry Griffin and Steve Fleisher.

Griffin is the Vice President of Lending for Beech Capital Venture Corporation, a community-based small business loan program. Griffin formerly served as a board member for the Father’s Day Rally Committee.

“While I was on the board, I thought the award was really neat. As a matter of fact, I think my first year on the board, the first person I nominated was my dad,” said Griffin.

Steve Fleisher is a Philadelphia native who uses his experiences growing up on the streets to help youth at risk. Fleisher currently runs a nonprofit organization called Kids at Crossroads. His goal is to ensure that children choose the right path when making life decisions.

“I’m just an instrument to help kids and I just feel very honored to be able to be in a scenario where I’m able each day to work with kids that other folks have written off,” said Fleisher.


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