Hunting Park: A Health and Wellness Program for the Community

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The Triumph Baptist Church celebrated the 11th annual Health, Wealth and Wellness Fair on Saturday as  a steady flow of people from local communities stopped by and took advantage of the free tests, screenings and resources being offered.

Sonya Bryant-Lockett, event coordinator, showed vendors to their tables.

“The fair is meant to serve those who might not be able to afford healthy lifestyles from surrounding neighborhoods, specifically, Hunting Park, Nicetown and Logan,” said Sonya Bryant-Lockett, event coordinator and member of Triumph’s Health and Social Services Ministry (HSSM).

Outside, in the church parking lot, tables were set up featuring 80 businesses from throughout the city. Groups associated with the church also had tables set up to promote their causes. Members of Body and Soul, one of Triumph’s most recent programs sponsored by Fox Chase Cancer Center, spread the word about their mission to maintain healthy lifestyles in the community.

“Our goal is to make sure that people make a habit of including fruits and vegetables in their daily diets,” said Marie Weaver, a Body and Soul volunteer. “We recently served veggie smoothies at one of our events.”

The program began in June and will end sometime in December.

A community member received an eye exam.

Inside the church building is where the health screenings and tests were provided. Triumph teamed up with Temple Cancer Center and other local doctor’s offices in order to present an opportunity for free healthcare to the community. HIV testing, prostate screenings and eye exams were the main focus of the healthcare provided.

“We had 50 men come out today and have prostate screenings done. We are proud,” said Robert White, Triumph Baptist Church deacon. “Prostate health is so important and many men in the community do not get screened nearly as often as they should.”

In November, Triumph Baptist Church will have another fair offering other types of free healthcare. Triumph will be partnering up with Fox Chase Cancer Center and the American Red Cross for this event. A blood drive, flu shots and mammograms will be offered to the public.

For more information on upcoming events, programs and services see the Triumph Baptist Church website or call 215-228-8000.

Body and Soul members promoted their healthy living program.

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