Strawberry Mansion: Local Activist Activates Change

Brandon Jones discussed Hood Politics in his production studio.

Since getting out of prison several years ago, Brandon Jones has been a busy man.

Working as a case worker through Philadelphia Ceasefire, Jones sees the negative grabbing the headlines in the Philadelphia area.

He wants to change that.

Through a new talk show called Hood Politics, Jones plans to bring people a positive perspective of what is going on in the Philadelphia streets.

“Anybody doing anything positive in Philly, we want to recognize them and we want it to be told.” said Jones.

The talk show, which will be produced by Jones amongst others, will focus on what made a person become a positive influence on his or her community.

Brandon Jones discussed Hood Politics in his production studio.

“We want to go back to their roots and show what made someone great.”

Jones himself has made a positive out of a negative.  Seeing the negative through the bars of a jail cell, Jones swore to change his life for the better.

“My motivation comes from not being able to have the opportunity to succeed [in prison].  I said , ‘When I get out I have to change.’”

In association with the project is God’s Love (At Work).

“The outlet is to show the betterment of our community,” said Jones. “With God’s Love (At Work), we’re trying to be seen as making a difference.”

“We’ve just been fighting to get everyone involved,” said Jones.

Jones hopes to get the show running before the Christmas holiday.

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