Brewerytown: Krystle’s Cupcakes Finds New Home

Brenna Cleary finished baking cupckaes for a customer.
Brenna Cleary finished baking cupcakes for a customer.

Brewerytown has become home to a variety of new retail business over the last few years. The neighborhood’s most recent claim to fame is a new bakery located at 33rd and Oxford streets. Krystle’s Cupcakes creates small and large cakes decorated with an icing image. Brenna Cleary, the vice president of the company, said the company uses a variety of different cakes and frostings to attract the customers.

“We have a vanilla cake, a chocolate cake and a red velvet cake,” Cleary said. “The frostings are vanilla, chocolate, cream cheese, white chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter.”

The new store is in its infancy and with only a small customer base at the moment, Cleary said she has plans to expand in many different ways. Cleary said she plans to cater to different food and lifestyle choices, such as those who have committed to a Vegan diet.

Brenna Cleary owner of Krystle's Cupcakes baked special sport team logo cupcakes.

“Eventually, if people ask, I’d like to offer Vegan options. It’s really popular these days,” Cleary said. “You actually get a lot of requests for it, so I’d like to offer it and see what people want.”

One resident of Brewerytown, Kori Moore, said she feels with the consistent changes that have occurred in the neighborhood, the new cupcake store is sure to thrive.

“I think it’s going to succeed, a lot of this area is changing,” Moore said. “I’ve lived here a year and a half and in that year and a half that I have lived here we have Mugshots now and a bunch of small hair salons, I think it’s going to do alright.”

Another resident, Larry King, said with the addition of new stores such as Krystle’s Cupcakes changes in the community are sure to come.


“I think it’s great! I think it’s great, that’s what we need, we need to build the community back up to what it used to be,” King said.

With the addition of many new businesses in the Brewerytown neighborhood, Krystle’s Cupcakes could be another great addition to a constantly improving community.

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