Fairhill: Young Dream Stars

The kids in Young Dream Stars posed for a picture. Picture curtesy of martin.camcobra.com
The kids in Young Dream Stars posed for a picture. Picture courtesy of martin.camcobra.com

It’s hard to keep the youth in Fairhill occupied.  First comes boredom, then comes hanging with the wrong crowd until eventually a kid is doing drugs to keep themselves occupied. Lisa Morales has begun the battle against this pattern by creating her startup modeling group Young Dreams Stars.

The organization started about one year ago and already 16 girls have joined the group. Young Dream Stars host fashion shows for girls as young as 10 into their twenties. The goal was to not only get these kids to do something positive but to get them feeling good about themselves as well. “I wanted to take the teen girls out of the street, the ones hanging on the corner smoking, hanging, getting pregnant,” Morales said.  Having fashion shows, Morales hopes, will give these kids confidence as well as something to do.

Morales also donates her time to the Tabernacle Mission church once a month when they give away food to the needy. Young Dream Stars is being represented by Picturesque Talent Management, a division of Martin Picturesque Enterprises which has been in operation for almost 15 years. Each girl that joins the group gives Morales hope. Her second fashion show is coming up this Jan. 14th. “It’s building up,” said Richard DeJesus, a friend of Morales’.

Lisa Morales helped give out food at the Tabernacle Mission Church.

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