Hunting Park: Cousin’s Supermarket Keeps It Close

Cousin's Supermarket is a center of the community.

As the start of a new month creeps closer, Cousin’s Supermarket is starting to see many more of its faithful customers. During this busy time for the market, it becomes clear why so many people choose this company to do their shopping. Located on the corner of Fifth and Luzerne Street, Cousin’s is right in the center of the community.

Having opened its first store in 1976, Cousin’s has been a part of the local community of Philadelphia for almost three decades. After all this time the market has managed to build a relationship with the neighborhood and its residents. Being one of only two local grocery markets, customers seem to prefer this store. It may be because of its extended ethnic line or perhaps it is because of the community commitment.

Mike Glann, an employee of Cousin’s, has been committed to this supermarket for nearly four years. After so much time he has been able to experience this close relationship between the store and its patrons.

Mike Glann has been working at Cousin's Supermarket for years.

The supermarket has expanded its service and products with two more locations, a second in its birthplace of Philadelphia and another in Camden, N.J.  Now other communities receive a chance to build their own personal relationship with Cousin’s Supermarket.

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