Brewerytown: Community Center’s Computer Lab Goes Underused

In November the Greater Brewerytown Community Development Corp. (GBCDC) reopened its technology center for the public, but employees at the community center said it still feels like an underused resource.

“I think people are a little intimidated and maybe unsure if they’ll be helped,” said Executive Director Shelly Anthony White about the sparse use of the computer lab.

Employees at the tech center said they see two to four residents a day in the computer lab and that the visitors are usually 35-year-old to 55-year-old Brewerytown residents.

Malika Keys surfed the web for research.

There are 23 computers spread out in the lab and one computer technician is seated, helping with GBCDC data-entry work or helping residents who stop by. The computer lab hours are listed on the GBCDC website as from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., but Anthony White said the computer lab is open to the public while an employee is in the building.

The center has two computer technicians on staff, Vaux High School seniors Gerald Smith and Malika Keys. Smith and Keys work during the week from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. after a small walk from Vaux at 2300 W. Master St. to the GBCDC center’s 3000 W. Master St. location. Smith and Keys were told about the job opportunity through their school counselor and started working at the tech center when it reopened.

Smith and Keys said residents usually come to the tech center for help typing resumes, setting up an e-mail account and filling out online job applications. The high school students said working at the center helps their people and computer skills, but they said that it could be a lot busier.

Gerald Smith set up GBCDC's membership directory.

“Overall I think they are doing good for the community,” Keys said. “More people should come in, especially the young people.”

Keys, 18, said the older citizens’ organization skills could benefit from young residents that are interested in helping the community.


  1. NOTE:
    The name is Greater Brewerytown CDC not Brewerytown CDC please not this in future stories
    Thank You,
    Charles A. Holliday.
    Community Liason,
    Greater Brewerytown CDC

  2. Great article, however, the correct name of the organization is GREATER BREWERYTOWN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION(GBCDC). Please adjust. Brewerytown CDC is actually the name of another organization.

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