Fairhill: Businesses Being Kept in the Family

Mildred Izaguirre flipped through a booklet for help.
Mildred Izaguirre flipped through her flower booklet for a customer.

With side-by-side shops that last through the decades, families in Fairhill undoubtedly put pride into their work. The Izaguirre family owns a florist and dry cleaning shop, where they have made long lasting relationships with the community.

Located on 2830 N. Fifth St., Mildred Izaguirre has owned 5th Street Florist for nine years as part of her parents’ wish for their children to own businesses in the neighborhood. While weddings and funerals are the biggest part of the job, the shop also donates flower arrangements to the neighborhood churches.

“This is my first time ordering here, but my daughter’s grandfather orders from here all the time,” Sandra Fontanez said. “He always says what beautiful and fresh flower arrangements they have.”

Fontanez and other customers became familiar with the florist shop because of the Izaguirres’ popular dry cleaning store located next door. Mildred’s parents have now owned the building for over 30 years and strive to keep their business solely run by the family.

“The community has improved a lot because it took us almost 30 years to get us where we are now,” said Max Izaguirre, Mildred’s father. “We organized ourselves and we have been fighting to get the funds to make it look like this.”

Max started off owning multiple properties in the area. Now specializing in tailoring and dry cleaning, Max continues to own three properties total in Fairhill. He knew from the start he wanted his children to own businesses like him so his family could stay together.

“Back in the day the businesses here produced a lot of money and foot traffic,” Mildred said. “With the income around here we try to work with everybody and we hope it can go back to the way it used to be.”

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