West Oak Lane: New Water Ice Parlor Coming Soon

Herman Townsville, owner of Josepie's Water Ice, gave directions to the workers.
Gary Auxur worked on the construction of the outside structure for the new water ice parlor.

Herman Townsville will welcome this summer season with his new ice cream and water ice parlor.

Townsville bought the building at the corner of  Stenton and Ogontz this past December and with the help of his builders his vision has finally started to  come to life.

One thing that Townsville expressed with excitement was that all of the ice cream and water ice will be homemade. With fresh ingredients and recipes from an old friend these creations will be made right inside the parlor.

“I got the idea from an old friend of mine named Josepie. The parlor is going to be named Josepie’s Water Ice,” Townsville said.

As a real estate developer Townsville envisioned great potential for his shop in this location. He strategically chose the spot based on observations of the busy street and several schools in the surrounding area.

The grand opening for Josepie’s Water Ice can be expected from anywhere between the second to the last week of June.

On that day all the water ice will be free. During the season there will be 16 different flavors of water ice and ice cream. However, there will be eight featured flavors at a time.

Herman Townsville, owner of Josepie's Water Ice, gave directions to the workers.

This parlor’s seasonal ingredients and promise to have water ice made daily is what will set it apart as a business along Ogontz Avenue. It will also feature soft pretzels made fresh daily on the premises.

“I think it is going to be an excellent business for this area. The only thing we need to be is consistent, clean, and make good water ice and we will get the costumers,” Townsville said.

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