Carroll Park: Community Meetings Bring Light to Law Enforcement

District 19 PSA Lieutenants include Lt. Adams, Lt. Heinzeroth, and Lt. Kelly
Lt. Robert Heinzeroth helps people at the 19th Police District's Police Service Area meetings.

At a recent Police Service Area meeting community members discussed issues ranging from block parties to an increase in burglaries. Lt Robert Heinzeroth even took down cake requests for one resident’s birthday that is on the date of the next meeting.

“The Police Service Area meeting is basically an open forum for residents of the neighborhoods to discuss their concerns about crime or any conditions conducive to it,” said Heinzeroth “I keep the meeting informal so that no one feels uncomfortable asking questions or becoming involved.”

Carroll Park is located in the second PSA. The next meeting will be at Sweet Union Baptist Church at 7 p.m. on June 24.

“(PSA 2 meetings) get a ton of people. Lt. Lamonte Adams is very successful at getting the community involved,” said Heinzeroth.

Although PSA 2 was described as being more violent than the other areas in the district, a push is being made for more police on the ground for Carroll Park.

“We are training more bicycle cops. They can make people feel more comfortable. No one will step on the gas and drive away.”

Heinzeroth said officers in the 19th Police District make it their mission to make community members feel comfortable and the PSA meetings help neighbors get involved while learning about the law.

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