Parkside: Group Builds for Local Children

East Parkside Residence Association members discussed the challenges faced by children in the area.

The East Parkside Residence Association knows how important the futures of the local children are. The organization strives to keep the children of Parkside active, knowledgeable and involved within the community around them.

After the death of her husband, President Calla Cousar developed the East Parkside Residence Association to bring the children of the community back together by participating in activities around them.

East Parkside Residence Association members discussed the challenges faced by children in the area.

“To me, the greatest accomplishment that we had, as board members, we had a plan and we said within five years what we wanted to do, and actually in those five years what we did do, we got our organization together, our board together, got the businesses together and we got this playground over here which was just a trash strewn lot,” Cousar said.

Cousar and the board of directors established a playground at 41st St. and Girard Ave. to ensure the  children of Parkside have a safe haven. The organization maintains the playground and holds events for the kids there.

“Mrs. Cousar pulled others on board who picked up the dream. In her push she’s gotten doors opened, literally kicked open, because her heart was there, and you could not only see her heart, but you knew that she meant it because she didn’t pick it up today and drop it tomorrow, she was hammering. All of us had literally began to run with her,” Elder Ruby Davis said, chairman of the board.

With passion and determination driving this organization, it’s no surprise how much change the group has brought to the community and will continue to make. Although the playground has not been officially named, “Legacy” has stuck with the group.

“That’s what it’s all about at this stage, it’s a legacy for our children,” Cousar said.

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  1. The East Parkside Resident Association has done great things for our community. They have been around for a number of years through thick and thin. East Parkside is often over looked and undervalued. But, there are some strong community actors in this neighborhood who work steadily to stem the blight and encourage community engagement, like the Viola Street Resident Association.

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