Powelton Village: Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast Thrives on Technology and Community

The front desk offered a warming atmosphere as you enter the home.


Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast is located in Powelton Village at 33rd and Baring streets. It’s a family-owned-and-operated business led by Dennis Bartelme and Chris Spaeth along with their wives Liz Bartelme and Jules Spaeth.

The Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast sign sat among the landscaping outside the Victorian home.

Together the group has maintained and enhanced their place in Powelton Village in hopes to not only increase business but to increase the awareness of the bed and breakfast itself.

“We belong to the Powelton Village Civic Association. We provide incentives for them at some of their functions that they can raffle off and the like, we’re active as far as we can be in the community from that standpoint,” said Dennis Bartelme.

On top of being part of the civic association, the family likes to be involved in other functions throughout the neighborhood as well.

“We make sure we’re kept up to date with what’s happening in the area and participate in the functions. In the spring there’s a cleanup and we make sure that our property is cleaned up. We want to make sure that we lead by example,” said Bartelme.

The front desk offered a warm atmosphere as people entered the home.

Alongside of staying active in their community, the innkeepers at Cornerstone take pride in the way they function. They strive to separate themselves from the typical hassle of your average hotel by giving you the complete bed-and-breakfast experience at prices between $165 and $215 a night.

“There’s a certain temperament to a bed and breakfast, it’s much more low key, much quieter and generally more relaxing,” said Chris Spaeth.

These are the kinds of qualities that Spaeth believes are lost when you attend any common hotel.

“Although we’re in the city, we’re in this sort of neighborhood, like a little oasis, where when you’re at a big chain hotel, the people at the front desk don’t know who you are or they don’t know your name,” said Spaeth.

Chris Spaeth took care of some calculations at his desk.

These kinds of qualities are what Bartelme and Spaeth said they believe keeps their customers coming back for multiple visits.

“We like to provide that kind of service for them and once somebody stays here, they usually repeat. We’re lucky,” said Bartelme.

For more information, visit the website at https://www.cornerstonebandb.com/


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