Cedar Park: Personal Trainer Promotes Healthy Living

Michael Munson assisted a client during an exercise class.
Michael Munson assisted a client during an exercise class.

Michael Munson, a Cedar Park resident for eight years, has always had a passion for physical fitness. While working as a chef in various restaurants around Philadelphia for 25 years, Munson found a way to pursue his passion.

In 1992, Munson created Thrive Fitness and Wellness to assist his neighbors in exercising properly and to demonstrate how to lose weight through better nutritional practices. After educating and cooking for people with illnesses he began focusing on fitness and nutritional coaching during the past 12 years.

“There’s nothing more powerful than helping someone empower themselves or educating them on how to change their lives,” Munson said. “To see someone shift from pain or illness to good health is incredible.”

Thrive Fitness and Wellness provides boot camps and exercise classes as well as nutrition advice. Munson instructs seven classes per week that are open to all fitness levels. The classes are about 50 minutes long and are held either outside on a nice day or in the basement of The Calvary United Methodist Church. In addition to the classes, Munson travels to the homes of his clients  for personal training sessions providing them with individualized fitness and nutrition plans. Working with clients ranging in age from 17 to 84, Munson creates customized routines to accommodate each person’s needs.

“I learn and grow myself with each person I work with,” said Munson. “That’s why I call my business Thrive. It’s about flourishing, growing and seeing progress in your life.”

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