Mount Airy: Local Church Hosts Open Mic Night

Many attendees performed at the Open Mic Night.

The Mount Airy Community Church hosted Mount Airy Open Mic Night this weekend at the Moving Arts of Mount Airy studio.

The Mount Airy Community Church is the host location three open mic nights a year. A wide range of talent from music to rap to poetry is featured.

Cindy Lees, the coordinator for Mount Airy Open Mic Night, said these kinds of events allow local residents to express their creativity.

“It is a lot of fun to see all the talent in the neighborhood and give people a place to express that,” Lees said.

Heather Drew, a participant and Mount Airy resident, said an abundance of hidden local talent emerges through this platform to perform.

“There are a lot of artists here and I think a lot of people don’t get a chance to show their art to people, especially performing arts,” Drew said.

Local residents enjoyed the sights and sounds of Mount Airy Open Mic Night.

The Moving Arts of Mount Airy studio, located at 6819 Greene St. in West Mount Airy, is a facility that provides a range of activities from art exhibits to classes for dance and music.

Studio owner Pam Rogow , said the Open Mic Night showcases the creativity of the Mount Airy community.

“We have an enormous local talent pool,” Rogow said. “This event has really done well for Mount Airy.”

The next Mount Airy Open Mic Night is scheduled for the fall.

Mount Airy Open Mic Night]

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