South Philadelphia: Ms. Goody Cupcake Offers Up Sweet Treats

The "Elvis take the Lead Cupcake" cupcake resides in its glass case waiting for customers to purchase it at Ms. Goody Cupcake.

Ms. Goody Cupcake is the sweet dream come true of Gigi Andrew who has run her bake shop in the heart of South Philadelphia at 1838 E. Passyunk Ave. for over a year.

And yes, that’s “cupcake” not “cupcakes” Andrew stressed about her store’s title.

Ms. Goody Cupcake opened in July 2011. Andrew loves to bake and was looking for a location to do her baking.  After searching for a spot to open a food truck to bake and sell cupcakes on the street she found the retail location on Passyunk Avenue instead.

“The Elvis Takes the Cupcake” waits behind the glass for customers to enjoy it.

Andrew created the name of the cupcakery when she was shopping one day and heard someone call her a Ms. Goody. She thought, “That’s it! Ms. Goody Cupcake!”

Each day the cupcakery features 12 different flavors. Some are as simple as vanilla and chocolate but others include the “Philly Love” and “Elvis Takes the Cupcake.” The “Elvis” is Andrew’s personal favorite, a banana based cupcake with chocolate chips, peanut butter frosting and topped with chocolate covered bacon.

Andrew finds inspiration for her sweet creations in a variety of places outside her South Philly bakery. Inspiration does not always translate into good execution. One time Andrew came up with an oil, vinegar and basil flavor that she admitted was not a best seller.

Annette Romeno is a Ms. Goody Cupcake employee.

Ms. Goody Cupcake not only specializes in cupcakes but also offers custom designed cakes, cake truffles, cheesecake, cookies – even chocolate covered bacon on a stick.

“Just whatever I feel like baking” will be what is sold in her shop, Andrew said.

“I just go around and when I see things and I eat something I incorporate it into a cupcake,” Andrew said.

Operating for just over a year, Andrew’s cupcakery has made it onto the “Phl17Philly Hotlist” for 2012.  Philly’s Hotlist is a list of the best locations throughout the Philadelphia area.

Thus far, Andrew’s shop is in fourth place on the Hotlist behind a cupcakery that was featured on the Food Network’s reality based television show “Cupcake Wars” and two other cupcakeries located just outside of Philadelphia. Andrew said she would be happy finishing in fourth place if that meant being the best cupcakery located directly inside Philadelphia. Announcement of Hotlist winners is expected in late September.

Going into her second year of business Andrew hopes to expand possibly opening a store down at the Jersey shore. She isn’t sure about franchising her cupcakery. But Andrew definitely wants more locations in the future.

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