Fairhill: Local Church Woman Gives Back to Community

For Margarita Rivera, trying to stay afloat in these tough economic times has proven to be quite a challenge; however, her own financial hardships have not deterred her from giving back to her community.

Maragarita Rivera assisted a customer at her stand.

Rivera is a member of the church, Templo Ara de Salvacion, in Fairhill. Twice a week she stands on the corner of Fifth and Indiana Avenue to sell items ranging from used wool sweaters to hygiene products. These items have been donated to the church to be sold at an inexpensive price to struggling residents.

“People are looking for bargains all the time,” said Rivera. “But it’s rough right now. Some people pass by and they say they would like to buy but they just don’t have any money.”

Rivera, who is a single mother of five, can relate to many of these residents.

A customer shopped for a pair of jeans.

“When I see someone who I can tell is really poor sometimes I end up just giving them clothes anyway,” she said.

Ruben Marquez, a member of the church, said that this area of Fairhill has many residents that go without essential everyday goods.

“For the poor people it’s good because they come here and get what they need,” he said.

Rivera said she will continue to do this work to see that residents are well prepared for the upcoming winter.

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