Hunting Park: Neighborhood Gym Motivates Community to Exercise

Kandia-Queen Malone, on the left said working out is something everyone should do.

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Kandia-Queen Malone, on the left said working out is something everyone should do.

The road to being fit isn’t an easy one. It requires dedication and the ability to push yourself.

“The hardest thing about getting in shape is getting started,” Jefferson Phillips, owner of the Body Fitness Center on 16th Street and Hunting Park Avenue said.

According to Food Fit Philly, which is part of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, about 900,000 people in Philadelphia are overweight or obese. This includes over 150,000 children.

Todd Johnson has been working out for over 20 years. He said he tries to make it a part of his lifestyle and thinks it’s necessary for the body.

“When you exercise, all of your body parts function in the right manor,” Johnson said.

While getting healthy requires a lot of work, personal trainer and group fitness instructor Kandia-Queen Malone said bringing music is helpful.

“I usually tell people to make sure they have an iPod or something that will motivate you,” she said.

Nadine Gaines attends the Zumba classes at the fitness center. She said having a partner to exercise with is helpful, but well-being should be the priority.

“Your biggest motivator should be your health. People can try to push you, but your health should be number one,” Gaines said.

Jefferson Phillips said setting goals is important when working out.

The CDC recommends eating more whole-grain foods and eating less food that is high in fat and salt.

“You have to make the decision that this is what you want to do,” Phillips said. “You have to decide that your health is important. You only have one shot at this, with your body and your health.”

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