Al Dia: Dancing to Traditional Music

Pompey played the drums with his band.

The Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church in West Philadelphia featured music this weekend that consisted of different traditional Latin American and Caribbean beats.

The event, “Carnival Tropical,” mirrored the celebrations that occur in many Latin American and Caribbean countries before Lent.

Pompey (far center) played the drums with his band.
Pompey played the drums with his band.

Rondell Pompey, a member of the Philadelphia Pan Stars performed with his band members in front of 200 audience members.

Pompey, brought his band over from Trinidad and Tobago to America in 1994. Since then they’ve thrived in several East Coast cities and have now settled in Philadelphia.

Pompey and his band have performed at churches, cultural events and even funerals.

“Our traditional music can relate to any nation and I think that’s why we’re famous in Philly,” said Pompey.

Another band, Unidos da Filadelfia, drummed traditional Brazilian rhythms that had the audience members dancing to the beat.

Stevens (r) played the drums as the audience danced.
Stevens (right) played the drums as the audience danced.

Mike Stevens, the founder of the band said, “My goal is to spread the joy and fun of Brazilian music, while building the community.”

A member of the audience Colleen Cody said, “I really appreciate this event because I’m from Boston and they don’t have events like this.”

Stevens, an artist who has traveled the world sharing samba beats observed that not many Americans listened to carnival music. Stevens said, “My goal is to share this music to those that are not familiar with it.”

Crossroads Music was one of many organizations that sponsored the event.

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