Al Dia: Colombian Designer Shows Her New Fashions

Lili Daliessio's first look goes down the runway
Lili Daliessio at the end of her presentation.
Lili Daliessio stood before the audience at the end of her presentation.

Lili Daliessio, a Colombian designer who lives near Philadelphia, presented her spring/summer 2013 collection during Philadelphia’s Fashion Week.

The event, also known as “Philly Fashion Week,” was held at Philadelphia’s Crane Arts Center. The designer was showcased along with seven other American designers.

“This was another big step in my career. It was an honor to show the Hispanic community that they can do it too,” said Daliessio. “Philadelphia Fashion Week is one of the platforms to crossover to the American market, and it was excellent to be able to show my designs, jewelry and accessories.”

Daliessio’s, “Colombian Emerald Collection,” was inspired by Colombia’s history, culture and art. The Emerald gemstone, found in Colombia, is also a big influence for the designer.

The collection had a variety of pieces that ranged from different colors, fabric material and designs. The collection was 90 percent made in Philadelphia and 10 percent in Colombia.

Some of the fabrics used were satin, French laces and silk. The majority of the fabrics used were exported from Colombia.

Laeticia Ndaya, one of the many Philadelphia residents who attended the event, shared her opinion on Daliessio’s designs, “I liked being in the atmosphere of a fashion show. I think her clothes were good, and I was fond of it because it had a spring theme.”

Model at the end of the runway.
A model displayed part of the fashion line.

The collection consisted of jewelry, accessories and ready-to-wear pieces that included dresses, jumpsuits, pants and blouses.

For more information and to shop the collection, please visit

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