Manayunk: StrEAT Festival Returns with New Theme

Last year, Oscar Gayer smoked half-chicken on applewood sprayed with a mixture of whiskey and apple cider. (Bas Slabbers/for NewsWorks)

Residents in Manayunk can look forward to food trucks with gourmet food, crafts, a restaurant tour and festival shopping in Manayunk during the StrEAT Food Festival Saturday, April 13 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The rain or shine event will be held on Main Street, where food trucks and dozens of restaurants will participate. Last year’s event was apple themed, but the special ingredient this year is strawberries. The Manayunk Development Corp. asked all participating food trucks and restaurants to create a dish, drink or appetizer that includes strawberries. if they want to compete for prizes.

Food trucks and white tents were set up along Manayunk's Main Street and side streets for last years event. (Bas Slabbers/for NewsWorks)
Food trucks and white tents were set up along Manayunk’s Main Street and side streets for last years event. (Bas Slabbers for NewsWorks)

Those strawberry treats will be the highlight of the StrEAt Food Festival during a restaurant tour that guides patrons to each strawberry themed food at trucks and restaurants. Retailers will have free seasonal food samples, sidewalk sales and other in-store promotions along with strawberries displayed in windows to keep up with the theme.

The participating establishments will be marked on a festival map so people know where to go if they want to try some of the special culinary creations. There is no fee to participate in the tour, but each item will cost something different in a pay as you go system.

Those who want to partake in the tour do not need to sign up for the event. Maps will be available at every participating store on the street as well as the Manayunk tent that will be erected on the corner of Main and Cotton Streets.

Alicia Dietzmann, public relations and event coordinator for Manayunk Development Corp.,  said the event is geared for crowd interaction.

“We are really trying to promote the crowds getting involved in voting for their favorite strawberry item,” said Dietzmann. “We have awards for their favorite strawberry item from a food truck as well as from a restaurant and we have an award for the best strawberry window display from our retails on the street.”

Along with the restaurants and food trucks there will also be farmers’ markets set up where visitors can shop for homemade honeys, oils, spices, breads and other items made by local vendors.

Dietzman said the event is “great for the community” and “something different to experience in Manayunk.”

Food trucks are not allowed to be on Main Street or in the district of Manayunk throughout the year.

The lunchtime rush was on at The Dapper Dog food truck stationed last year (Bas Slabbers/for NewsWorks)
The lunchtime rush was on at The Dapper Dog food truck stationed last year (Bas Slabbers for NewsWorks)

“These special events really allow people that don’t get to try them very often to come down and try something they’ve never had or something they’ve heard about,” said Dietzman. “It’s just a fun thing to do on a spring day with your family.”

Along with all the other activities going on, the Manayunk Development Corp. will have a stage on Cotton Street with live music throughout the day. As a result, Cotton Street will be shut down during the festival.For more information and a full list of participating food trucks, gourmet restaurants and crafts check out the Manayunk Development Corp. website at


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