Chestnut Hill: Center for Enrichment Offers Senior Activities

Senior residents came out to watch "Moneyball" and enjoy homemade soup.

The Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment at 8431 Germantown Ave., offers seniors living in northwest Philadelphia opportunities for independent-living activities. The staff holds events and activities for residents 50 and older to gather together, mingle and relax. The center recently held its monthly Soup and a Movie event, bringing some people out of their homes to watch Moneyball and enjoy homemade soup.

Director Mary Zell said this is a tradition that the previous director started. “Most members, because they’re older, can’t make it to the movie theater anymore,” she said.  “Or they refuse to pay ticket prices.”

Senior residents came out to watch "Moneyball" and enjoy homemade soup.
Senior residents came out to watch Moneyball and enjoy homemade soup.

The Center for Enrichment shows a mix of classic and new movies. Zell began serving homemade soup during the winter months and serves summer fare when it gets warmer.

“I was looking forward to seeing Moneyball,” Mount Airy resident Jan Collins said, “especially since baseball season began a few weeks ago.” The movie focuses on how the Oakland A’s built a good team without spending too much money.

“I enjoy [coming here] because it allows me to get away from home and doing work around the house,” Chestnut Hill resident Mary Silverstein said. “It feels good to get out.”

Collins shared the same sentiment. “I find it relaxing and it’s a great way to meet new people,” she said. “I spent my weekend doing my taxes and this is a good way to get out.”

Zell said they have had any number of people come to the event. “The group is very informal and anyone is welcome,” she said.


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