Germantown: Grumblethorpe Celebrates Walpurgis Night

Guests use electromagnetic field meters to detect paranormal activity near a bloodstain at Grumblethorpe.

You may have heard of Christmas in July, but what about Walpurgisnacht, the traditional German holiday marking the midpoint to Halloween?

On Saturday evening, only the bravest Philadelphians celebrated Walpurgis Night with a haunted tour of Grumblethorpe at Germantown Avenue and Queen Lane.

This was the third annual Witches’ Night Out Ghost Tour.

A portion of the event’s proceeds will benefit The Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks, which maintains the property.

Tour manager Eileen Reeser said the ghost stories always focus on history. Grumblethorpe served as the Wister family’s summer home for over two centuries and is rumored haunted by three distinct ghosts. “It’s pretty significant when you hear of such a clear haunting,” said Reeser.

The tour provided guests with electromagnetic field meters, divining rods and thermometers for an interactive experience. Kelly Silverman and Beatriz Alemar volunteered to monitor temperature changes for the group with a thermometer.

Brave Philadelphians await the Walpurgis Night ghost tour at Grumblethorpe.

“Of course, you pointed it at places like the chimney where you expected it to be a little bit colder,” said Silverman. “Then I remember when we walked into the room where the bloodstain was it was like an immediate draft, and the temperature in there was like 69.9, and then when I pointed it at the draft it was 54.5 so there was a huge change.”

Silverman also said she observed activity in her electromagnetic field meter near the bloodstain.


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