North Central Philadelphia: Luv’n Yogurt ‘Likes’ Social Media

Luv’n Spoonful is the first yogurt bar located on the campus of Temple University.


Luv’n Spoonful is a self-serve yogurt bar located on the campus of Temple University. This yogurt bar opened on May 2nd at 1601 N. 15th St., under a Temple student housing facility. Luv’n Spoonful provides a convenient and healthy alternative for both Temple students and North Central Philadelphia residents.

About three years ago, when self-serve yogurt first became popular, Dustin Ciukurescu recalls telling his father, Steve, that they needed a yogurt bar on Temple’s campus. Steve Ciukurescu credits his son for an idea that they ran with it.

“Everybody that comes in loves it,” Steve Ciukurescu. “It’s really good!”

With a healthier snack option, Luv’n Spoonful has been a hit amongst Temple students and local residents.

While many customers are from the neighborhood, the majority of Luv’n Spoonful’s customers are Temple Students who actively use social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook, a social networking website, was originally started for students at Harvard in 2004. Two years later, Twitter was launched as a social networking site, allowing users to send and receive 140-character messages called “tweets.” Since the social media boom, a variety of social media platforms have been created and developed providing certain niches as a way of staying in contact through the Internet.

Facebook was the first social media platform used by co-owner Dustin Ciukurescu to promote his business.
Facebook was the first social media platform used by co-owner Dustin Ciukurescu to promote his business.

Dustin Ciukurescu, co-owner of Luv’n Spoonful, admits that until just recently, the shop only had a Facebook account. He recently created Twitter and Instagram accounts in which Luv’n Spoonful could take fuller advantage of social media and its customer base.

“We wanted to interact with the students and get their advice,” Dustin Ciukurescu said.

In the last six years, Facebook and Twitter have expanded far from their original purposes and have become outlets utilized by businesses small and large to market and promote services and products.

“We’re trying to get the student’s ideas of what they want and what they don’t want,” Dustin Ciukurescu said. Social media responses from customers, Ciufurescu added, will help determine what flavors the shop will carry during a given month.

“With our Twitter, we’re going to be doing “Word of the Day/Quote of the Day,” Ciukurescu continued, “…you can come in and before you pay, you have to give us the word or quote of the day and you get 10 percent off.”

Ciukurescu also said, “If you come into the store and you like us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook in front of us, you get an additional 10 percent off on that purchase.”

To find out about specials and discounts offered, find Luv’n Spoonful on Facebook, on Twitter @Luvnspoonful_TU or on Instagram: Luvn_Spoonful.

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