Frankford: Local Birder Sparks Interest Among Historical Society

Locals gathered at the Historical Society of Frankford to hear Tony Croasdale give a talk about birding in the Northeast.
Tony Croasdale gave a presentation about birds in the Northeast at a Historical Society of Frankford meeting.

Tony Croasdale, local birder, environmental educator and field biologist, stopped by the Historical Society of Frankford recently to assure the locals that there is an abundance of bird species other than pigeons that can be found in Frankford and the surrounding Northeast.

Croasdale was invited by the Historical Society to come and identify an array of birds contained in their Victorian Glass Dome bird collection.

One of the many Victorian Glass Dome bird collections on display at the meeting.
One of the many Victorian Glass Dome bird collections on display at the meeting.

“There is a bald eagle nest in Northeast Philadelphia,” said Croasdale, “and it’s the coolest thing in the world. Pull up in the parking lot, walk through the gate and it’s there.”

Croasdale was referring to Friends Hospital, what he claimed is the second best place to bird watch in all of Philadelphia.

Pennypack on the Delaware River is another location Croasdale praised as being “especially great for hurricane birding.” He explained that when a hurricane hits a certain way, birds travel up the river and take cover ahead of the hurricane.

“Sometimes birds are blown ahead of a hurricane all the way from the Caribbean,” said Croasdale to an astonished audience. “Pennyback on the Delaware is the best spot in Philadelphia, probably even in Pennsylvania to watch birds after a hurricane.”

People who attended the meeting also learned that the Tacony Palmyra Bridge, where peregrine falcons nest, Fox Chase Farm, Friends Hospital and the fish hatcheries are great places to bird in the area.

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