Citywide: Luba Patlakh And the Covenience of Online Shopping

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FluffApparelOnline shopping is the new trip to the mall. With the rise of Internet commerce, business owners are capitalizing on digital opportunity. Luba Patlakh, a 26-year-old Ukraine-to-Philadelphia transplant, cut her slice of the pie with her fashion site Fluff Apparel.

Patlakh has always been a go-getter. She graduated from high school six months early and went on to complete an undergraduate degree at Hofstra University three years later.

When deciding on a home to build her brand in, her hometown Philadelphia made the most sense to her. After having a taste of New York City for school and fashion internships, including a stint at “Miss Sixty,” she moved back to the city of brotherly love in 2011 where she launched “Fluff Apparel.”

Luba wears her "Peace Out" tank in black
Luba wears her “Peace Out” tank in black

“I started branding Fluff Apparel items through my vendor,” Luba explained, “buying some of their cool, vintage styles and then making it our own with colors and whatnot.”

Fluff offers casual, comfortable and luxurious fashion that’s appropriate for both work and play.

She chose Philly because of the budding art industry and because it’s less saturated than the Big Apple. And you can be anywhere when you are online.

“I think people are only getting busier,” she said. “This is such a crazy time in the world, let alone in people’s daily lives. People really don’t have the time to go to the store a lot of times. Their lives have overcome them.”

Images via Fluff Apparel.

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