Manayunk: First Fridays in Manayunk

Many people were out on Main Street in Manayunk this past Friday for First Fridays in Manayunk

Michael Bulboff learned how to play the accodrion in high school.

First Fridays in Manayunk” takes place every first Friday of the month from five to nine in the evening.

The event draws in people from across the city and suburbs to appreciate music, art, food and shopping along Main Street and the canal path in Manayunk.

This day is also a great opportunity for musicians, like Michael Bulboff (left), to showcase his or her music. Bulboff, an accordion player for about 15 years, was hired to play for the grand opening of Petit Gourmand, a small shop off Main Street that sells unique kitchen items.

The event is just one of the area’s events that brings in business and pleasure for all. For information on the next “First Friday in Manayunk” go to

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