Arts & Entertainment: Five Places You Need To Know

This city offers artists the ability to do what they love and be able to live off of it. When it comes to art there is form and content. The form is what makes up the art and what goes into it, and the content is what the art is trying to say. Throughout the semester, we will take a look at artists’ work as well as how they are able to practice it.

1. Black Vulture Gallery, situated at 208 E. Girard Ave. in Fishtown and pictured above, is more than just a tattoo parlor. The gallery employs four tattoo artists who also produce and sell the various paintings and drawings adorning the walls. The gallery thus caters to two demographics: those who want art inked permanently onto their bodies, and those who just want to hang some on their walls.


2. World Cafe Live, located at 3025 Walnut St. in University City, hosts a wide array of entertainment in the underground scene. The venue-restaurant opened in 2004 and has since become a Philadelphia staple for music lovers of all genres. Situated within walking distance from the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, the venue is certainly popular with college students. However, World Cafe Live can also cater to an older demographic with events like the “Jazz Jam,” seen in the picture above.


3. Street Glitter Gallery is located at 306 E. Girard Ave. in Fishtown. Push Skateboard Gallery owner Victor Ortiz joined forces with co-owners Tami Horvath and Casey Lynch to form Street Glitter Gallery this past October. The gallery sells local handmade goods, art and oddities.


4. Located at 1522 N. American St., Bahdeebadu takes the art of illumination to a different level as owner and artist Warren Muller uses bottles, car parts and even sea equipment to his artistic advantage. The gallery often has showings and auctions around the city but the product is crafted right off of Girard in Olde Kensington.


5. The Fire has remained a staple for up-and-coming bands throughout the years, featuring young groups like My Chemical Romance, Dr. Dog and Iron and Wine. The bar and venue, located next to the Girard fire station on east Girard Avenue, hosts open mic nights on Mondays and rents out a recording studio on the second floor where bands can also record their live sets.

Text and images by Tyler Sablich and Maxwell Reil

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