Northeast Philly: Five Eateries to Know

Steve's Steaks, Northeast Philadelphia

 The Northeast is home to some of Philly’s best eats. Other parts of the city pride themselves on some of Philly’s food staples, but the Northeast has a wonderful cuisine as well. We took a trip up Interstate 95 to find out exactly what all the hype around these local favorites was about. 

1. Steve’s Prince Of Steaks, at 7200 Bustleton Ave., calls its customers loyal subjects because that’s exactly what they are. “Pat’s” and “Geno’s” are names that are offensive to these patrons when it comes to cheesesteaks. The most coveted sandwich in the city is found here, and it’s tough to argue there is one better. With two locations in the Northeast, the Prince (pictured above) serves his subjects until the wee hours of the morning every day.


Nick's Roast Beef

2. Nick’s Roast Beef, located at 2212 Cottman Ave., brings its original South Philly taste to the Northeast. This dive bar provides some of the best food in the city. The roast beef sandwich may very well be the best non-cheesesteak sandwich in town. Hidden in a plaza off Bustleton Avenue, Nick’s is a favorite spot for locals to watch a game, hear a live band and have the best onion rings in Philadelphia.


Rib Rack

3. If you can get past the dark and ominous feel to the place and make your way to the succulent babybacks, you won’t be disappointed by this eatery. Rib Rack is home to some of the best ribs in the city – for those who know to look for it. It’s hidden on a corner at 2100 Tyson Ave. and does not draw much attention to itself.


Dining Car

4. One of the most hallowed grounds in the Northeast is located at 8826 Frankford Ave. You can’t say you are from the Northeast if you haven’t been to The Dining Car. Stop by during the day when the bakery is open to have butter cake like you’ve never had before. The Dining Car offers a much fuller and tastier menu than your average diner. They keep the prices low and truly provide a home-cooked meal.


Chickie's & Pete's

5. From the place that all started with some spicy fries, Chickie’s and Petes’s first location (4010 Robbins St.) is one of the hidden gems the Northeast has to offer. While there is another location in the Northeast, nothing beats this one! Some patrons will say all Chickie’s & Pete’s are the same, but locals know nothing beats this one’s crab fry taste.

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