North Philadelphia: Temple’s Building Plans Demand Attention

Philadelphia’s overlooked school doesn’t want to be overlooked anymore.

Nor should it be. After all, that large institution on North Broad Street is one of the state’s largest employers. It has a well-deserved reputation of being a true bargain when it comes to earning a college degree and is drawing more students than ever before.

Construction continued at 16th and Montgomery.

Now, Temple University is taking steps to make sure it gets more attention. It has an ambitious building program in the works that includes a new library, a redesigned campus and a new 1,200-bed dormitory tower.

It is trying to build its football program into a nationally known brand and there are even plans to build a new on-campus football stadium.

It also is investing a lot more money in marketing the school to add some sizzle to  Temple’s name.

The school is already a strong regional draw. The goal now is to make Temple a more attractive destination for students across the country.


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