Fishtown: Neighbors Feeling a Change For The Better

Neighbors catch up at the annual Meet The Neighbors party at the Fishtown Garden Center

Fishtown has been in a constant state of flux since the neighborhood became less centered on industry following a mass exodus of factories in the 1960s. Lifetime residents of the neighborhood have seen an incredible amount of change in their lifetimes as new families have moved into the neighborhood steadily.

Neighbors in line for food at the Meet The Neighbors event
Neighbors in line for food at the Meet The Neighbors event

At times, gentrification is as simple as an old home being torn down for an expensive condominium or an abandoned factory cleared out for arts space. The conflict has been muted and relegated largely to dirty looks, but some neighbors are beginning to see the tensions between lifers and new residents diminish.

Gathering recently for the annual Meet the Neighbors event hosted by the Fishtown Neighbors Association at the Fishtown Garden Center, area residents new and old met for food and entertainment but more importantly, a chance to communicate with each other on how the neighborhood can be made better.

– Text, images, and video by Kevin Stairiker.


  1. Love visiting my son lives there and we have seen many changes for the good , New house and busness love it and it looks great. Nice when everyone takes a little pride in there town.

  2. Please stop senting these notices don’t want them any more. Try text you but no answer Thank you .

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