Fairhill: Colorful Changes are on the Horizon for Front Street

Front Street is home to many businesses and residents.

Front Street will be receiving some changes in the near future. The Hispanic Association of Contractors and Enterprises also known as HACE, is looking to make changes to better Front Street as well as the community. Maria Gonzalez, president of HACE has one goal in mind when executing the plans.

“We support all the small business and residents in the Fairhill Community,” said Gonzalez.

HACE is located on 167 W. Allegheny Ave., a few blocks from Front Street. The organization has plans to make Front Street just as colorful as the neighboring Fifth Street corridor in Fairhill. HACE is looking to brighten the murals and clean the streets.

HACE looked to make a change in the community and it started with Front Street


There are many murals in Fairhill and HACE wants to brighten them up and possibly even add more. These murals add color to the culture and history, which lie in the heart of the community.

HACE is in the process of organizing plans and executing ideas to see these changes in effect.  Many of the ideas and projects are still in the works but will be delivered soon. However, adding Front Street to the corridor is a big step.

Giovannie Caraballo works in maintenance with HACE and has been with the organization for a couple of months. Caraballo, 24, father of two wants his children to grow up in a clean environment.  He is currently assigned the Front Street corridor. His typical hours are from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. He spends his time sweeping the streets and picking up trash whether rain or shine.

“I believe this is a good city,” said Caraballo. “It’s a shame how people treat it. The world will change with one person at time.”

He wants to give back to the city and he believes keeping the streets clean is step one. While cleaning the streets, he finds gum, cigarette buds, drug paraphernalia, plastic bottles and just about anything else.

HACE wants to help the businesses and residents. The businesses on Front Street range from restaurant’s, salons, mini markets among others. Many businesses did not want to discuss what they offer to the community or any possible issues.

It is making it a priority to change the Front Street for the better.

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– Text, images and video by Danielle Alvarez and Leslie Smith.

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