Logan: Five Community Resource Facilities

Here are five places Logan residents can go to for help, guidance or even safety.

Our Lady of Hope

Much like any other church, Our Lady of Hope (above) on North Broad Street provides a safe, comfortable environment for the Logan community. The Roman Catholic church is connected to Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School, a private school for students who ordinarily could not afford a private education. The student body and church congregation include people of many different ages, races and backgrounds.

“Anybody can come to the church, even if [they aren’t] a part of the school or the faculty, so we’re not close-minded to anybody,” Cristo Rey junior Raven Parker-Watson said.


Womens Shelter Logan Plaza

Resources for Human Development

Logan Plaza, located within a block of two high schools, Einstein Hospital and Our Lady of Hope, is the home of Resources for Human Development. RHD offers programs to aid homeless people, with a heavy influence on helping women and children.

All of RHD’s programs are supported by The Access Team, which is a group of clinical experts in various fields, designed to help with issues in the area and provide quality care to those in need.

Programs offered vary from addiction recovery plans to transitional housing assistance to outreach services for developmentally challenged children.


Free Public Library

The Free Public Library

The Free Public Library, established in 1917, provides a resource for education, computer access and safety to anybody, free of charge. While some sit in armchairs reading a book, others productively work at tables or computers. People congregate outside of the library and hang out on the steps to the entrance.

The library is located next to Logan Plaza and one block away from SEPTA’s Broad Street Line. It provides a place where people of all ages can go to feel safe, welcomed and comfortable.



The York House Apartments

The York House Apartments apartments are for senior citizens who are able to live independently. It provides more than 20 amenities, such as a 24-hour fitness center, a private library and on-site medical and pharmacy services. Rent is roughly $800.


Department of Public Welfare

The Department of Public Welfare

The Department of Public Welfare provides services and support to Philadelphians residents who struggle to support themselves and their families. The department’s goal is to offer opportunities to those in need of assistance and improve the quality of life for Pennsylvania residents.

The Glendale section of the DPW is responsible for many other areas of Philadelphia in addition to Logan. According to the department’s website, more than 2.7 million individuals utilize a service from a DPW program, meaning “for every 2.1 employed persons in PA there is one person receiving a DPW benefit.”

– Text and images by Nickee Plaksen

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