Immigration: Five Organizations Helping Immigrants

Community organizations have evolved into some of the most powerful advocates for immigrants. Some groups focus solely on activism, while others perform multiple services to ease the fear of refugees who are in dire need of assistance. Here are five organizations willing to lend aid to legal immigrants, undocumented residents and refugees alike.

Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia

CAGP serves the Cambodian community by having two offices located in South and North Philadelphia. It is a multi-service organization that provides after-school programs for children (above), health and wellness programs for adults, translation services and advocacy.




Located in the hub of the Hispanic and Southeast Asian community in South Philly, Juntos is a human rights organization that helps immigrants live in the Unites States with dignity. Juntos campaigns to end mistreatment of undocumented immigrants, and seeks to join with other community leaders to strengthen its numbers. The group meets every Wednesday evening.



Nationalities Service Center

Located in Center City, NSC is another organization that has numerous programs aimed at helping refugees adjust to life in Philadelphia. It offers ESL courses, advocacy, legal services, senior centers and other social services.




The warm colors of light green and grey are displayed on the front of the Congreso building, welcoming people of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. The Congreso organization is committed to maintaining accessible and unbiased services for those in need. The organization provides special services to immigrants through its Family Social Services program.



Norris Square Civic Association

The NSCA offers a case management program to families in need, including immigrants. Licensed case managers connect families and immigrants with supportive services aimed to improve the quality of life in the Norris Square neighborhood. The NSCA also has a community outreach program that is committed to learning, understanding and helping to articulate the needs and dreams of the local community.


– Text and images by Eddie Barrenechea and Kevaun Green

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  1. Is it possible that your organization helps Jamaican citizens too? I have been resided in the city of Philadelphia for over 9 years now. Hopping I could get some help of obtaining a job. I think I have been abused verbally and emotionally base on the fact that I am not legal, there are times I feel like I am going to go crazy, but the grace of God is what keeps me sane. I have one child who is depending on me,sometimes I don’t think I can manage based on the fact that I can’t get a job. I came here to better myself, but it is harder than I thought it would be. Please help me if you can I would greatly appreciate it, thank you, and God bless you.

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